Blogging Tips to Make Money Online

Here are 10 Blogging Tips to make your Blog Better1. VALUE: Blogging is about sharing information and delivering value to those who read it. Speak about topics that you have a high level of knowledge about or something you are very passionate about. Don’t hold back your knowledge, this is your opportunity to share goodness with the world and sharing freely is good for the heart.2. TITLE & HEADER: Your title and description let people know that they have found what they are looking for. So for example if you were looking for Blogging Tips to make your blog better you would know by the title and first Header that you were in the right place! Feel free to be creative in your titles, they are what catch the reader to your blog.NOTE: Remember you only have about 5 seconds before someone hits the Back Button, so make those seconds count.3. KEYWORD TOOL: Using tools like Keyword Tool in Google will help you understand what people are searching for and therefore you can customize your title and material using this knowledge. If no one is searching for Blogging Tips that it might be a good idea to pick a different topic or title.4. VIDEO: Add video to your blogs for many reasons – You Tube is one of the most popular search engines today, video allows people to connect with you and understand your message better and video also broadens your market reach. All you need is a simple video camera, iPhone or Webcam to get started and your good to go. To start with you’ll want to keep your videos to the 7-9 minute range.Blogging Tip – Video: When making video’s keep in mind the following things: Captivate, Educate and Direct.You need to captivate your audience to inspire them to watch the video – you can do something funny, totally serious or mysterious but in every video you need to do something that gives people a reason to watch.Educate – This ties in directly to Value above – people’s time is precious and therefore you need to really teach them something. Spend some time thinking about what you want them to learn or take away from the video after they’re done watching it and tell them about it at the beginning of the video.Direct – Take some time in your video to share with people what you’d like them to do with the information. If it’s for entertainment than that’s easy – Laughter; however if your trying to educate someone or inspire them to ACT in order to change their life, than you need to tell them to do that.If you are interested in watching a successful video producer, click on the link at the bottom of the article and enjoy!5. LENGTH: Try and keep your blogs to about 500-700 Words – use lots of spaces and really maximize on your lists. It’s very difficult to be captivated by a whole page of letters with no creative display of material.6. IMAGES: Include images because they are powerful and they really help you break up your information into bite sit bits. Images help you articulate your message in a way that words cannot…A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words7. TAGS: Tags provide a useful way for you to tell readers quickly what your post is about. These amazing little words also help the search engines to do the same. Remember the main job of search engines is to be smart and return relevant websites to you based on what you search. So your a team and these little tags help you tell the engines what words should be associated with your blog.8. END GAME: Spend some time figuring out what your intend with your blog. Are you trying to entertain people, educate them on an idea, product or service or are you encouraging someone to buy something. The objective of your game doesn’t matter, however the direction in which you take your blog does. People need to know what you want them to do with the information provided in order to feel like they have received value from your information. This applies more when you are trying to educate or offer opportunities that require people to act on the information they have just learned. Check out the next point on how to do this.9. CALL TO ACTION: When writing a blog to educate people on the product you have that could teach them all these 10 steps in an easy learning module that has proven to make people money – you need to tell them what the next steps are. So in this case, you are looking for blogging tips for whatever reason however if you are looking for blogging tips because you are looking for ways to drive more traffic to your site, to be more compelling in your writing or to improve your SEO than the link at the bottom of the article will help you get there.10. TELL PEOPLE: It is great to write a blog however you need to tell people that you have just posted one. If you have many subscribers and regular audience than that’s great however if you don’t you need to use a few strategies to get your message out there. Here are a few to get you started.
Facebook – create a Facebook PAGE and invite all your friends to LIKE your page – every time you post a blog, put it on your Facebook PAGE
Twitter – This is a great tool as well; however much smaller than your blog or Facebook, write a creative sentence that summarizes your blog and Tweet it with a link
Submit your blog post as a article to Ezine Articles
Forum Post: search around for forum’s on the topic of your blog post and post a piece of your blog with a link.
Document Sharing – convert your blog post into a PDF using and upload it to any of the following document sharing websites: / /
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